London 3rd March 2012

London Eye

Just been down to London for a weekend away, SO vibrant down there, I love going down there because I love the London vibe, it’s so lively and chic. My boyfriend and I stayed in The Park Plaza Riverbank, here is the link to their website The Riverbank Park Plaza is a really funky and modern hotel with gorgeous rooms! They have a fab restaurant there that has won many awards. This restaurant is called Chino Latino. They have the most amazing Pan – Asian food. We decided to go somewhere different this time though and went for a meal to a very cool restaurant called Asia De Cuba  it’s overseen by renowned international restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow and is in Saint Martin’s lane, which is like a celeb hide out. The food there is just stunning! Also in St Martin’s lane is the renowned College Central Saint Martin’s    where I would like to have gone to study Jewellery design if I hadn’t of started I will definitely be back but next time on a business trip! Love poppy x

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